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About Me

I would describe my projects as mostly deriving ideas from Existentialist writers and from current events.  As a young child, it was evident that I had a fascination with music.  In my formative years, I studied Classical piano and enjoyed playing the guitar, which is how I developed an interest in songwriting.  

I attended college in the Pacific Northwest, studying Sound Design at The Evergreen State College for 1 year, then returned to Portland, Oregon, immersing myself in the experimental music scene and joined The Venerable Showers of Beauty Javanese Gamelan. I would later obtain a degree in Environmental Science from Portland State University.

In 2002, I recorded an experimental album for Sick Wells’ band called Lovecraftian Child, “A Tribute to Jacob Marley,” an experimental synth/sampler project. I guess we would have formed a band if Sick’s former band members had time to move from Las Vegas to Portland, Or, but that was practically impossible, so this was our only project.

During my university studies, I met Sasha Miljevic and Damian Ramsey who would both have a significant influence on my artistic career.  Damian studied Computer Science and was very passionate about being in a synth-duo, so we started the band Extent during the Spring of 2003 .  At first, we experimented with  guitar and a drummer, though it seemed easier to revert to playing synths and using a drum machine.  This was more Damian’s style and facilitated our process in composing music. 

From 2004-2005, Extent, Patareni, and Riot Cop played shows together in addition to making short videos for Voltag Productions the following year. Sasha and I decided to start Voltag Productions during an elective multimedia course, coordinating with other artists in Portland to make videos that were political by nature, concerning current events.

Damian and I were  enjoying the movie making process,  though we still had an agenda for Extent and were resuming practices when he got diagnosed with stomach cancer.  This was traumatizing for all of his friends and family, though Damian was fastidious in working on projects.  He starred in the movie short ELE II and finished recording two Extent albums, “Let Knowledge Serve the City” and “extent:Plans,”  in the last 6 months of his life.  Damian passed away on April 24, 2007 at the age of 29.

Fall of 2008, Sasha moved to Netherlands to attend graduate school, and I relocated to Colorado to start a new life.  This was very depressing and I didn’t know anyone, so I used the best form of therapy — playing music:

In 2009, I started a solo album called “Disconnected” which took me a couple of years to finalize, and has now been released on Zeon Light Cassette from Sweden. I think the reason it took me so long to make this album was that I hadn’t adapted to my new environment and couldn’t decide how to arrange the music, so I kept changing the songs every few months. It was refreshing to start the “Connected” album and evolve beyond that dismal phase in my life.

January of 2012,  German composer and producer Alfa Kay and I started an electronic-duo called “The Last Humans On Earth,” which can be described as electronic neo-fusion, deriving ideas from multiple genres so that it is difficult for me to categorize our music. Mr. Alfa has been an unprecedented delight for me, even though we have never met, and I believe others will find his music to be enjoyable.

June of 2012, DJ Zlaya sent me compositions from his Analog Tension//Factory Suburb Recordings via Indianapolis, and thought I might like to add vocals. This project basically was abandoned before it got started, and he had already moved on to Voight-Kampff Machine, hence the music orphanage. I’ve released 8 tracks on Mixcloud — Orphan Compilation No. 1. More recently, I converted the Analog Tension EP (aka The Music Orphanage) to our project Contact Simulation along with the Voight-Kampff Machine — Against The Wall EP.

Currently, my solo projects include the “Connected” album, which I have mostly completed and putting together a Classical piano repertoire of Chopin pieces, in addition to brainstorming ideas for Sensori-Overload. More recently, I returned to Extent’s notebook of songs, many of which were never released.   These songs I am dabbling with for “Every Letter Has A Roadmap,” though it might be better to leave this project a mystery.

In October of 2012, I accompanied Sabrina Guitart, photographer/videographer and poet, for a poetry reading and music with Dylan Lee Johnston @ the Skyway in ZigZag. This was my first collaboration after returning from Boulder, Colorado to Portland, Oregon. In September of 2013, I met again with Dylan Lee Johnston and performed as a guest musician at Al’s Den – McMenamins, playing an electronic jazz fusion set. After relocating to Portland, OR in the Summer of 2012, I have been continuing my practice as a Chopin player under the instruction of my piano teacher Diana Ferrua and have enjoyed playing at Rimskys-Korsakoffee House and in the Pianisti.