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Download “The Years of Public Transit” 2003
Download “Let Knowledge Serve The City” 2004
Download “extent: Plans” 2006

Extent – The Sound from Voltag Production on Vimeo.


Damian Ramsey and I founded Extent in the Spring of 2003.  We met at the Blackbird for DJs Retrograde and Retrovirus dance night every Monday.  We started practicing in my Lincoln Hotel studio on Morrison St. in downtown Portland, then moved practice to Dunes on Saturday afternoons.  Our first performance was for Jennifer Robin’s Night Of The Living Tongue show at KBOO, 90.7 FM, August of 2003.   Two weeks later we played the same show for KPSU, 98.1 FM, Portland’s College Radio.   Our first public performance was for DJs Retrograde and Retrovirus at Dunes, November 16, 2003.  We joined with Patareni and Riot Cop to play again at the Dunes, January 8, 2005 and our last show together, Towne Lounge, January 29, 2005.  Damian also released two albums that are posted on Soundcloud for download: “Let Knowledge Serve The City” and “extent: PLANS.”  We recorded together the album called “The Years of Public Transit.”  Not until recently have I started leafing through our Extent notes and decided to make a recording of songs that haven’t been released for  the album “Every Letter Has A Roadmap.”


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