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Voltag Production

(photo left – right: Marissa Anderson, Scott Collinson, Mia Voltag, Damian Ramsey, Alex Lily, Azur Dervisagic — Film Set ELE II, directed by Sasha Miljevic)

I have uploaded some of the the video archives for Voltag Production to Vimeo. This project started in 2006 at Portland State University and has continued on through the years. The animations are by Sasha Miljevic who left Voltag Production to obtain a Master’s degree in Europe; however, Mia Voltag continues to add music videos from her solo music project, which is probably best described as a minimal form of Indietronica. This video post is called Factory, which is a piece that I particularly like; it was made in 2006 for a film screening called Sequence.



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